The Patterson Eventer – A new 4-wheel buggy

From the makers of The Trio buggy this machine has been introduced for paraplegic players who prefer to play one-handed using their other hand to grip firmly on the seat area of the buggy. It comes with a steel rail round the seat with two steel grip loops as standard and seat belts.
Players are allowed to add their own grip-assistance devices to this rail.
The four wheels give more stability and the seat has the same swivel possibilities as The Trio.

The Patterson buggies are available to rent from the Handigolf once you join us as a member but first you may wish to have demo. We are happy to meet with you and introduce you to the game or get you back out on the course.

Please contact us for further information.

The Paragolf Buggy

The Paragolfer enables players to play from a standing position fully secured by knee and chest straps. These are made in Germany and cost @ £ 20,000 new and from @£ 10,000 second hand. The Paragolfer gives you the option to play one armed or with two armed.

Two of our members have these machines and a further two are available at The Shire London if interested in a demo.

Please contact us for further information.

Motion X4

The Motion X4 operates the same as a Paragolfer with a few different design specifications.