AGM - 21st September 2020

Present : – Terry Kirby, Greg Jackson, Barry Funnell, Ray Lee, Phil Meadows and Paul Meadows

Apologies from Caroline Wareing and Val Fisher


Chairman’s report

  • Received 2 grants from R & A and Peter Harrison to support getting new buggies for more members. Total of 13k
  • 3 new members joined
  • Review of website to update


Secertary’s report

  • Media to promote disabled golf. Look at producing video for youtube

Treasurer’s report

  • Finance in good health over 11k in bank#
  • 7k been put aside for new buggies

Re elect committee members

All positions to stay as is

Proposed by Terry Kirby

Seconded by Ray Lee and Keith Roberts

Memberships and buggy hire

  • Memberships to remain the same
  • Buggy hire leave as is
  • Need to play at least 1 competition to get rebate on golf buggy hire otherwise will be required to pay £ 200.00 Proposed Phil Meadows Agreed Tk, GJ and PM


  • Travel grants to remain the same


  • Northern Open
  • East Anglian Open
  • Masters
  • Nationals to be 2 day competition
  • Phil to speak to Kris Aves regarding setting up Southern Open



  • TBC
  • Trophies to be returned to Phil Meadows


*  Review of website


Meeting closed

AGM - 13th May 2019

Minutes of The Handigolf Foundation A.G.M

Held at Tapton Park GC 13th May 2019


T Kirby (Chairman), G Jackson (Treasurer), Phil Meadows, Paul Meadows, K Roberts, V Fisher, M Fisher, C Wareing.

Apologies.  None

Chairman’s Report.

The Handigolf Foundation had a good start to the year with a lot of potential members coming from the spinal units and from general inquiries. Handigolf had 4 new members join in 2018 although 1 has since left for medical reasons. A new buggy had been purchased for Handigolf by the 3 Club Captains at Tapton Park GC. The buggy had gone straight out on use by a new member. TK has been in touch with a couple of sporting charities regarding grants to purchase new buggies and is awaiting news on the bids. Ray Lee is to stand down as secretary and TK thanked  him for his work over the past years. TK said that Handigolf was moving in the right direction and the future was looking good.

Secretary’s Report.

No report as Secretary no present.

Treasurers Report.

Greg Jackson presented the accounts for 2018 and were accepted as a true account.

Election of Officers

Phil Meadows was voted in as the new Secretary. VF and CW where elected onto the committee. All other post’s where re-elected unopposed.

Membership fees and buggy hire.

To be kept at the same rate

Travel Grants.

To be kept at the same rate


It was proposed to find a new venue for The Southern Open. Phil Meadows said he would approach The Vale GC as a possible venue.

Matters arising.

No matters arising

A. O. B.

Phil Meadows looked into Handicapping websites with a view to Handigolf member’s handicaps being done on those sites. With most members now being members of Golf Clubs it was deemed too expensive for the remaining members. Phil will adjust handicaps manually.

The £8000 grant referred to above has now been awarded to Handigolf (31st May)

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and wished them a safe journey home.

AGM - 20th June 2018

Handigolf foundation A.G.M.

Pidley G.C. 20th June 2018

Present. Greg Jackson, Paul Meadows,Phil Meadows, Terry Kirby, Mark Gibson.

Apologies. Ray Lee.

Minuets 2017.  Passed as a true account. Proposed TK Seconded GJ.

Chairman’s Report.  The new buggies purchased with the grant from Sport England had gone out to new members. I have spoken to Sport England and filed the report which closes the grant requirement. If we want to apply for another grant there would be no problem. Myself and Greg Jackson did a demonstration and taster day at Stoke Manderville Inter Spinal Unit Games. It was well received and we are hopeful that it will lead to new members. We also did a taster day at Sheffield Spinal unit. The new brochures and flyers had come from the printers and where handed out to all the spinal units. The push for new members is going well it’s just a matter of reaching the right sources. I have interest from 3 more wheelchair users. . As part of the England golf initiative GJ was going to Stevenage to do a taster session for kid’s in wheelchairs and myself and GJ are also doing a taster session for a group in Shropshire.

Eric Tofield has retired along with his son Tony. I thanked him for all the sterling work he did as the handicap secretary.

Secretarys Report. No report as RL was unable to attend due to illness.

Treasurers Report. Greg Jackson presented the accounts from 2017. The Handigolf Foundation is in a healthy position. Accounts accepted. Proposed TK ,seconded PM. Passed

Ellection of Officers. Committee voted in on block. Phil Meadows to think about the position of Handicap Secretary.

Membership Fees and Buggy hire. The membership fees are to be kept at £20 p.a. Buggy hire was discussed at the last committee meeting and agreed to trial period of reducing the hire from £300 to £200 see if this would encourage more members. This was found to have a positive effect. It was agreed to keep the buggy hire at £200. Proposed TK seconded Paul M. Passed.

Travel Grants. To remain at present level.

Competitions. With Eric Tofield retiring the Southern Open will not be taking place. Greg Jackson is to look into running a competition at his club in Derby.

D.B.O. Phil M. reported that £1500 was coming from Tesco’s sponsorship and £3,000 from the R&A. Entries were slow.

A.O.B. No business to discuse.

AGM - 26th June 2017

2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of The Handigolf Foundation – reg Charity 1001130


Held at Lakeside Golf Club, Pidley Mon 26th June 2017



  1. Minutes of prior meeting
  2. Election of Committee
  3. Chairman’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. DBO 2017
  6. Any other businessThose present:Terry Kirby – ChairmanRay Lee – Secretary

    Greg Jackson – Treasurer

    Phil Meadows

    Barry Funnel

    Paul Meadows


  1. The prior minutes were agreed unanimously.
  2. The Committee were retained en bloc.
  3. Terry Kirby reported that Sport England donated £10,000 for buggy purchase from Pattersons and 2 had been taken to date. Other funding was still being sought and demonstrations had been made at various hospitals with the accent on Street Golf, for which equipment had been purchased; although there was plenty of enthusiasm no further members had been forthcoming.
  4. Greg Jackson reported that funds relative to the DBO had been received from the R&A and others and fee income for this event was progressing. Funds would be forwarded to R.Lee for disbursement nearer the date.
  5. Ray Lee reported that there was little news, except for the DBO and that sponsorship income was better than previous years and likely to exceed £6,000 if Tesco Mobile provided the promised amount. Applications for entry were rather disappointing, but continuing.
  6. There being no other business the meeting closed at 17:10.Ray Lee – Secretary – by e-mail

Extraordinary General Meeting - 10th Oct 2016

10th Oct 2016 Wavendon GC MK

Present:- A Greasley, T Kirby, Paul Meadows, Phil Meadows, Eric Tofield, Tony Tofield, G Jackson, B Funnell, R Lee.

Apologies M Gibson C Macadam K Dolman K Roberts

1 A Greasley resigned as Chairman of The Handigolf Foundation with immediate effect stating that he had taken “Wheelchair Golf ” and The DBO as far as possible.The work of The Handigolf organisers was acknowledged by him and in particulat the work of Terry Kirby in promoting and competing in wheelchair golf at the highest level.

2 New Officers were elected unopposed into the following positions:-

Chairman     Terry Kirby
Secretary    Ray Lee
Treasurer     Greg Jackson

3 Committee members were elected without change.

4 New Trustees were appointed as follows

Mr Ray Lee and Mr G Jackson to join Mr T Kirby and Dr A Greasley to resign.

5 It was decided that the website would be handed over from AG to TK over the next 6 months.

6 The future of the DBO (Disabled British Open) was discussed and affirmed to be the responsibility of The R&A being the primary controlling authority covering the Paralympic area of GB &NI.

7 It was considered that The R&A should be in control of The DBO but to task the NGBs to deliver the DBO on a rota of countrys stating with England Golf running the 2017 DBO at Ufford Park in Suffolk and then to move the event round the constituent countrys.

8 It was recommended that the new Handigolf Facebook page to be assembled by Phil Meadows be used to rationalise the 2017 Diary of events.ET requested that Mondays be avoided for congestion reasons for one day events if possible.

9 The current members were advised to lobby the fellow European Wheelchair golfers to run the European Championships on an annual basis and find a venue for 2017 asap.

10 TK reminded members that England Golf are now the link into EDGA and this means that members who pay levies to England Golf through their membership of golf clubs are automatically full members of EDGA.

11 AG table a paper setting out the Limitations to the future of Disabled and Wheelchair Golf in terms of the slow progress of key governing bodies. He requested members to consider this in view of a wider distribution to the bodies concerned once agreement of the Committee had been established.


The recent meeting with England Golf through the Forum was discussed and the failure of their new CEO to turn up, even though the time and place had been changed 3 times was met with some dismay. This was surprising as the meeting was titled “Meet the new CEO”. The third venue was Woodhall Spa and the CEO was on-site during the meeting.

It was reported by AG that disposal of the Endeavour buggy and trailer was being problematic and this continues.

The committee agreed to give AG Life Membership and decided to have a new trophy called the “Greasley Cup” to be awarded to the best Gross performance of a Wheelchair Golfer at The Handigolf Nationals. AG was very  pleased with these recommendations.

AGM - 9th May 2016

Meeting held at Tapton Park GC 9th May 1645hrs

Present Phil Meadows, Paul Meadows, G Jackson, B Funnell, R Lee, T Kirby, A Greasley (Chair)

AG reported concerns about the slow uptake to the DBO and urged members to spread the word. He also expressed concern that the European Wheelchair Golfers are not being best served by their association with EDGA.

TK presented the annual accounts that were accepted unanimously as a true record of the year’s finances. He reported that our bankers are being changed to Lloyds due to poor service from the present bankers.
It was agreed by the Treasurer and all present to increase Travel Grants by 10% and put the annual maximum total of grants to any player to £420

It was also agreed to award £120 to the East Anglia Open to boost the raffle fund.

BF agreed to run the 2016 Masters on 29th August at Mowsbury GC Bedford.

PM reported the sad death of former member and player Brian Alden and more details will follow.

It was agreed that all officers would retain their posts in 2017.

No other business was discussed.

AGM - 11th May 2015


The 2015 AGM will be held at Tapton Park GC on the 11th of May starting at 4.30pm with the following agenda



2. Apologies and minutes of last meeting

5. Chairman’s Report

6.Secretary’s Report

7.Treasurer’s Report

8. Buggy Developments

9. Election of Officers

10. Membership fees, Buggy hire fees,

11. Travel Grants

12. Competitions

13. Golf England and Wheelpower  developments

4. Matters Arising  submit to the Chairman in advance by email.


Meeting minutes

Meeting held at Tapton Park GC 11th May at 4.45 pm

Present A Greasley, T Kirby, E Tofield, T Tofield, P Meadows, B Funnell, P Cunningham, Greg (new member).

Observer Paul Meadows.

1 The meeting voted unanimously to maintain all officer posts as for 2013/14.

2 The Chairman reported that England Golf and Wheelpower continue to give minimal support to to “Wheelchair” golf.

3 The Treasurer reported that finanaces were comparable to 2013/2014 levels after good support from R&A over European and DBO plans.

4 After difficulties were reported in getting local support for Handigolf Championships and Southern Open it was approved that £100 and £50 be provided to augment the prize fund for these events and PM and ET expressed thanks.

5 The Treasurer requested that all fees and grants be maintained at 2014 levels and this was approved by all.

6 The players entered into the Euro Wheelchair Golf Championships were wished good luck. However the Chair reminded all that Travel Grants and support for international events was still dependent on attending local Handigolf competitions during the preceding season.

7 Terry Kirby informed that the 2016 EWGC was to be held in England and that all players should gear their training towards that event. TK is to be the Tournament Director.

AGM - 12th May 2013 (cancelled)


The Handigolf Foundation A.G.M. 2013

3 Colton Close



S41 8JL

12th May 2013



2. Apologies

5. Chairman’s Report

6.Secretary’s Report

7.Treasurer’s Report

8. Buggy Developments

9. Election of Officers

10. Membership fees, Buggy hire fees,

11. Travel Grants

12. Competitions

13. Golf England developments

4. Matters Arising

14 AOB



The 2013 AGM was cancelled due to planned attendance levels.

Meeting - 30th September 2013

Attended by A Greasley, T Kirby, E Tofield, T Tofied, P Cunningham, K Dolman, B Funnell.

Apologies K Robinson, P Meadows

AG reported to the group about the progress of the England Golf Disability Forum and the appointment of the Disability Officer.The 4 year “Whole Sport Plan” is now 6 months on and the Officer has been in post for the last 3 months. The next meeting is Jan 2014.

It was agreed unanimously after a proposal by TK to rationalize the Handigolf and Asssociate membership fee to £20 per year starting in 2014. The major benefit enjoyed by all members is annual “Golf Insurance” cover and this is the same cover for all.

PC was welcomed to Handigolf membership and was elected onto the handicap Sub-Committee to replace K Robinson.

The group reflected on our regret that KR has stopped playing golf for health reasons and TK had collected his buggy which, as always, was in pristine condition. We wish Keith well within his new limitations and will miss his attendance at Handigolf events.

AGM - 21st April 2012

Held at 3 Colton Close Newbold Chesterfield 3-30pn 21/04/2012
1.Present A Greasley (Chair), T Kirby (Treasurer/Secretary) E Tofield (Handicap Sec) T Tofield

2 Apologies Bary Funnell, John Byrne, Keith Robinson, Andrew McIntosh

3 The 2011 minutes were adopted.

4 Matters arrising, Joe O’Reilly has given up golf due to a serious shoulder problem.The Paragolfer has been sold back to Parabasetec Gmbh with the permission of Bob Steward.The new Eventer machine has been developed.

5 The Chairman reported that several other outfits are running disabled golf days eg The Disabled Golf Society and The On-Course Fundation without any contact with us. The International Golf Federation IGF are reviewing the failure of the Golf Paralympics bid with an on-line questionnaire which has been returned.

6 The Secretary and Handicap Secretary reported an improved year in terms of administration. However the £300 first year buggy fee has been problematic for some potential new members.

7 The Treasurer presented the accounts which were accepted. It was noted that funds are at an all time low. The potential of income from a BALASA member and golf club captain in 2013 was discussed.

8 Buggy developments were noted as the success of the Paterson Eventer 4 wheel machine and the continued trials of the Endeavour.

9 Elections of Officers was taken en-masse and the 2010 set-up was to be retained with the exception of the retirement of Joe O’Reilly. It was proposed to approach Barry Funnell to replace him including running the Masters.

10 All Buggy Hire Fees anf Expenses levels were to be kept at 2011 levels.

11 Travel Grants were to be retained and kept at 2011 levels.

12 Competions were reviewed and the new East Anglian Open noted. Barry Funnell was to be approached to run the Masters and the members were reminded to approach TK for details of foreign and BALASA events

13 A buggy hire agreement was to be drawn up by AG for retrospective and future use.

14 Demo days at Wavendon GC involving Headley Court clients and others were reported but no new players had emerged yet

15 AOB- Sarah (nee Tofield) was to be approached to do a You-Tube video of action at this year’s Nationals

AGM - 2011

1 Present A Greasley (Chair) T Kirby (Treasurer/Secretary), J O’Reilly, E Tofield, K Robinson, Tony Tofield,

2 Apologies; J Byrne, B Funnell, M Gibson.

3 The minutes of the 2010 AGM were adopted (see this website).

4 AG reported on the activities of The Disabled Golf Society and The On-Course Foundation and the progress of the Endeavour buggy.

5 The Chairman reported concerns over the reduced active memebership and the difficulties in getting into Headley Court to find new members.

6+7 TK reported on the work of the Secretary and presented the audited acconts for 2010/2011. These were adopted by KR and ET on behalf of the meeting.

8 Under Engineer’s report AG voluntered to create a new page on the website to indicate the location of all hired and purchased buggies henceforth.

9 The Handicap Secretary reported concerns over new players with insufficient cards supplied. It was resolved that returning players should play off last handicap and be eligible for majors immediately but new players should be given a temporary handicap and not be immediately eligible for major events until more cards have been accumulated by ET.

10 Election of Officers; it was passed unanimously to retain all officers in current positions with the exception of T Chance who was replaced by Joe O’Reilly.

11 Grants, Fees and Expenses. It was agreed to hold all fees and grants at 2010 levels. Because of petrol prices it was agreed to put up mileage rates to 40p per mile for regular travel and 50p per mile when moving third party equipent (including towing empty trailers)from 1/6/2011 onwards.
It was agreed to pay mileage for competitors to The Nationals and The British Disabled Open if not already covered by a Travel Grant.It was also agreed to pay one nights accomodation for attendees to the AGM.

13 Competitions J O’R agrred to run the 2011 Masters in MK and all other events as shown in Diary

14 It was agreed to review the Paragolfer loan at a committee meeting during the Masters in Sept 2011

15 No AOB

AGM - 5th July 2010

Venue: Cobtree Manor Golf Club 5th July 2010

Present: A Greasley (Chair) T Tofield, T Chance B Funnell, T Kirby, M Gibson, J Byrne, K Robinson

This AGM which was notified by email to members was based upon the 2009 Agenda.

It was unanimously agreed to retain the same officers, fee levels and grants as for the 2009 season.

Barry Funnell was welcomed to The Foundation.

AG reported upon the slow but reliable progress with the Eco-Trax buggy being developed with R&A funding.

The need for more active playing members was discussed and it was agreed that this should receive more support henceforth.Injured troops were thought to be a particularly good avenue of approach.

AGM - 10th May 2009

Held at Normanby Hall G.C.
10th May 2009
1. Present. K.R/ E.T / TT /TC/ JB/ TK (Acting Chair)

2. Apologies. AC AG

3. 2008 minutes. Approved ET seconded KR

4. Matters arising. No committee meeting at southern open.

5.Chairmans report. Handigolf is going to be at Beyond Boundaries Live at Farnborough in July demonstrating golf. TK is going to be there on the 4th and 5th and MG was hoping to be able to attend on the 4th.

6. Secretaries report. No report.

7.Treasurer’s report. TK presented the audited accounts and these were proposed and seconded by KR and TT as an accurate reflection of the finances.

8.Engineers report. With a problem of flat batteries ET related that an Optimater Charger was used by him to bring flat batteries back up to full power. Handigolfers to be made aware that during the winter batteries should be topped at least once a week to prevent them fully discharging.
KR noted that the new Trio has a smaller battery carrier and that he struggled to put his normal batteries in it. TK will check with Patterson’s. JB has new contact for cheaper Batteries.

9.Election of Officers. The current executive and committee was voted on unopposed except for the post of secretary. RL had not renewed membership and no report or contact was made for the AGM. TK to double as Treasurer/Secretary for the time being.

AG Chairman. TK Treasure/Secretary. ET Handicap secretary.
Committee TC,TT, KR, JB, AGo.

ET reported that it was working well but he wasn’t receiving cards for external competitions.

10.Membership and buggy Hire. Buggy hire to remain at £300. Membership to be increased to £30 to offset public liability insurance. To be implemented 2010.

11. Travel Grants. To be held at 2008 rates.

12. Competitions. TK was going to review the competition at Normanby Hall due to falling number of entries. Masters to be arranged for September . Also to look at possible new competition in the Midlands.

13. Paragolfer. At the moment the paragolfer is being held by AG after rectifying flat batteries. AG has also applied for £5000 from the R&A for the purpose of developing an equivalent. TT would like to trial the paragolfer possibly after the demonstration at Farnborough.

14. A.O.B. An order of merit to be presented at Scunthorpe being best 3 from 4 competitions Scunthorpe, Southport, Southern Open, and the Masters.
Northern Open Trophy to be used.
JB and TC to promote Handigolf thru spinal units and to put together a DVD from their existing footage.