There are very few special requirements!

Most Handigolfers require a double “nose to tail” parking bay as they usually tow their buggies in small trailers. They also need side space to get out of their cars into wheelchairs (unassisted).

Playing standards
We do not encourage players who are not ready for full size coursed to enter competitions . They play off handicaps of 54 and below and we usually have Stableford scoring to allow picking up on problematic holes.

Playing partners
Three ball matches with two able bodied players and one Handigolfer work well. Assistance is rarely needed but help teeing up the ball and retrieving it from the hole or inaccessible locations speeds play up.

Special rules
The R&A has published these for disabled golfers and our main difference is that it is possible to drop outside a bunker under a penalty of one shot. However most players elect to play from accessible bunkers.
Tees that have stairs or narrow tracks to them are problematic so get the Greenkeeper to mow a temporary tee for all players at a suitable location.

Access to clubhouse
Obviously ramps and wheelchair accessible toilets are preferred but do not let these issues prevent the event as Handigolfers are very adaptable.